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A Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide

I like to think of myself as a good gift-giver and the most important tip I can share is to listen. If you can catch the little things that your friends/family mention casually in a conversation it can make giving a gift they will love worth it. But let us be real, we don't always remember what our friends tell us, all the time. So I came up with four categories I think will help us all out tremendously.

Essentially, the four categories will cater to your loved ones by focusing on some elements that can be a barrier to self-care and gift something to help alleviate that barrier.

  1. Saves Them Time

  2. Saves Them Money

  3. Brings Them Joy

  4. Helps Them Relax

Keep in mind we are still in a pandemic and there are a lot of people who are struggling. For many of us, shopping for gifts is fun to do when we can afford to do it. But when money is tight it can quickly turn from being fun to being stressful and depressing. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Remember, spending a lot of money doe not equate to the best gift.


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