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Grace Will Take You Places Hustling Can't.

The month leading up to the launch of Touch of August I was extremely hard on myself. It was all hustle and bustle from testing candles, making batches, creating the website, ordering materials, and simply the stress that comes with starting a small business had my nerves on ten! Because of this, I had days where I was beyond frustrated with myself and it took some time for me to forgive myself and truly grasp the fact that I am in new territory. That I am doing something I have never done before and I need to allow myself time to grow into it. I've learned the hard way and here are some tips I've been practicing lately.


Go at your own pace, there is truly no need to rush. I noticed when I start multitasking too much, I tend to get overwhelmed and if I don't catch myself, I will start making silly mistakes thus the negative self-talk begins. I should also mention some times slowing down also means taking a break.


Even though is it easier said than done, allow yourself to not resist and embrace uncertainty. Be open to learning new things and possibly even changing your perspective.


Start noticing the situations that cause you to play the comparison game. You may need to unfollow some people on your social media sites. In addition, you should self-reflect; if find yourself feeling envious, ask yourself:


We tend to feel jealous because we aren't pleased with our own efforts. Be proud of where you and enjoy your journey.


Everyone makes mistakes! You are going to slip up, overlook details, or simply forget something. But remember it isnt the end of the world. All you can do is hold yourself accountable and do what you can to remedy the issue.

Showing yourself grace gives you permission to grow at your own pace. You can’t always grow under pressure and sometimes hustling is just that… pressure. So it is better to take a step back and be compassionate towards yourself.


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